Arcam (DCI Robson Book 1)
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Book Review by Clementine (

Here's the second review by a book-blogger, for ARCAM. Read for yourself what Clementine has to say about the book here:

Looking for your next book to read? I have the perfect one for you right here. For today’s brand new blog post, I am very excited to share with you one of my favourite reads of 2018. Arcam by Jason Minick. This crime/conspiracy thriller is just simply amazing. If you are a fan of that genre, then this a definite must-read. I loved it from the very beginning. Arcam is Jason’s debut novel and eek! I’m so happy to have read that there is going to be a sequel. That will be one book I will be getting my hands on the moment it comes out.

Here’s a little bit about the book –

“DCI Jack Robson believes he is hunting a kidnapper…

Away from his posting in London, Robson is asked to lead an investigation in the south west of England.

But what begins as a baffling local kidnapping mystery, quickly escalates into something far more sinister.

In pursuit of the perpetrators, DCI Robson joins forces with Inspector Emma Wilson and the rest of the regional CID team. Together, they attempt to make sense of the lack of evidence or motive, eventually getting drawn to the tiny island of Steep Holm, in the Bristol Channel.

As the investigation progresses, Robson, Wilson and their colleagues find themselves facing something far beyond normal detective work. Unthinkable connections lead them to a conspiracy, so great it could change the course of humanity. The question is, can they intervene before it’s too late to prevent the appalling future that potentially lies ahead…”

See how brilliant this book sounds just from reading the description.

Having not previously heard about this book before, I was very excited to read it. I was kindly sent a copy of Arcam to read and I just love it. I really, really love this book. I found the pace of this book to be spot on and just right. It is exciting, full of suspense, there are tense, gripping moments and a mystery that needs to be solved, which left me wanting to read more and more. I got straight into this book from the moment I started reading it. It is brilliantly written with brilliant characters in, who I got to know more about throughout and I felt very connected to. There’s also a little touch of romance in there too. I would absolutely love for this novel to be made into a TV series. That would be so awesome!

As DCI Robson and Inspector Wilson begin their case on trying the figure out who is behind the kidnappings, things start to escalate very quickly and other people which may be involved come to light. As a man suddenly appears washed up on the shore, another whole new mystery erupts and Robson and Wilson are sent to try and work out what is happening and what has happened to the man found on the beach, except it seems they are the ones who might be in danger. With a twist and turn of what is happening and sudden actions, I got increasingly engaged with this book. I felt as though I was with both Robson and Wilson, helping them to solve the mystery. I was constantly thinking inside my head whilst reading on who is behind this and what could happen next. The story was unexpected which I love, as it keeps the story alive and it keeps me guessing. I found myself thinking about this book long after reading. It is an amazing and brilliant first debut novel by Jason Minick. I am really looking forward to reading the sequel to this book.

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