Arcam (DCI Robson Book 1)
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Stunning book review from Susan Hampson!

This is what Susan Hampson, of 'Books from Dusk 'til Dawn' thought of Arcam:

"I would normally leave this sentence for the close of a review but it really needs saying. This book is truly stunning. A huge must read book that crosses from a police procedural to so much more.

The first chapter brought goose bumps even in the hot temperatures of this summer and it left not just me with a mystery but also DCI Jack Robson who had been asked to investigate the kidnapping of a missing family. Robson has had to face his own personal tragedies in his life which has left him brining up his daughter on his own, a good dad torn between home and work. This case takes Robson further south than his usual London base where he joins forces with Inspector Emma Wilson and what a cracking team they make. Now in my top five favourites this year!"

Read the rest of Susan's review here:

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